About LaVarro

Mission: To passionately create content that entertains, educates and inspires, while empowering others to do the same.



LaVarro, a Detroit MI, native was raised in a two parent home.  Both of his parents encouraged strong values of, integrity, hard work, and gratitude.  It was this strong value system that inspired LaVarro to go after his dreams no matter how big or small.

Growing up, LaVarro always had a passion for entertainment and video.  In school whenever there was a big project assigned he would always insist that he create a video.   Initially he wanted to be a professional basketball player, like his childhood idol Michael Jordan. Soon he learned he did not have a passion for the game of basketball but a passion for the show.  Shifting his focus to show business he decided he would become an actor.

LaVarro’s acting career to this point has been sporadic at best.  He never liked the idea of auditioning. putting his fate in the hands of others, never sat well with him.  He decided he would go in different direction. Instead of auditioning, he would learn how to make movies, and he would just cast himself.  Through the process of learning how to make movies, his true passion was discovered.

Filmmaking, included everything LaVarro desired in a profession.  He was able to tell stories, able to empower others to tell stories, and able to combine his technical and people skills in a way to create a piece of work that involves multiple artforms.  

For the next 19 years LaVarro, studied and worked in film and television.   In April of 2007 he moved to New York City to further pursue his career.  He Spent some time at BET (Black Entertainment Television) working on various shows including, BET’s Black Carpet, The 5, Rip The Runway, and various promos and television specials.  As his career progressed LaVarro worked for other networks including VH1, Bravo, HGTV, History Channel, and Style Network. He edited various shows including, I Want To Work For Diddy, Kimora, Life in The Fab Lane, Amish Mafia, Breaking Amish, Mob Wives, Prank Academy and Situationships.  He currently edits “The number one show in late night, ball bags,” Viceland’s Desus and Mero.

Through his production company, LaVarro Productions, he has written directed and edited web series, short films, music and promotional videos. The company’s first web series,  “Love And Money,” won 4 best acting awards at the 2013 LA Web Fest.

In 2016 LaVarro formed Necessary Studios, with fellow creative, Kamau Martin.  Necessary Studios, is the place to go for all of your production needs.  The facility is equipped with everything needed to make your project a success.  It has a production studio, podcast studio, music studio, as well as edit stations.  Necessary Studios currently has multiple projects in active development, including their first feature film as well as a television pilot and a few webseries.  

LaVarro’s first love is storytelling.  His passion is telling stories that entertain, educate and inspire.  He has a great love for his creative community and is always looking to collaborate with or empower others to tell the necessary stories, we all want to hear.